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I also bought the clutch and the wrap in the same color (lavender) the dress was truly amazing! I'm searching the site at the moment to purchase one or two cocktail dresses which I need in a month or 2.


I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU. This dress was a WOW!!!! Fitted perfectly, got all the attention. It was amazing. Even though i was a little upset with all the hidden fees, lol! but i still would order from you again and recommend too. I love my dress. Thank you. Nice job.


My bra size is an Australian 8G, and due to the inbuilt bra that wasn't a worry! I wore this dress to a university ball. I had so many wonderful comments about how stunning the dress was. I can't wait to wear it again! I was worried that the colour would wash me out or that the quality wouldn't be on par with that found in a physical shop, but I was corrected. Such an incredible dress at an even better price.


Encargué este vestido para una boda que tuvimos el pasado agosto, donde fuimos los padrinos y VAYA ÉXITO! Todo el mundo estuvo diciéndome lo bonito que era el vestido durante toda la boda. Sin duda, volvería a elegir el mismo y en el mismo tono, pues ahora el jade está muy de moda. 5*


i can not express how happy i am, i see the same sexy homecoming dress on other website, but it is cheaper here, i like my dress.


The dress arrived well packaged and within a very short time, I was impressed with that.The color was really close to the sample on line. The price is so cheap!will surely wear it for my coming birthday.


The customer service is kind and friendly, like a beam of sunshine warming my heart. It is so comfortable talking to them, who are there patiently answering whatever questions, I really appreciate that. keep on the good work....Thanks for your pretty prom dress


i can hardly wait to tell that it is a beautiful dress. I really fall in love with it. Thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and considerate service. And really appreciated that you made such a beautiful dress for me. I will recommend the website to my friends.


My daughter is so happy with this dress. It is even more beautiful than the picture. Much more detail with sequins and stitching. The quality is very good.


I ordered this dress for my daughter to wear for a party. It fit her perfectly, was very flattering, and she was able to sing and dance her way through the show. This dress is the real deal.